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Jasmine de Torres

sphs, 16, january25th, basketball&volleyball are her life, juntos podemos et harumbi, gets by with a little help from her friends, God&Family ftw, purple is zee best, sunflowers too.

and when you asked if i tried to do anything that could make me feel better, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 |

i tried talking to you. that obviously didn't work.

If that's the way you feel you can play the field Saturday, January 23, 2010 |

There'll be days like that, there'll be days like this
When we start out mad, and we wind up pissed
Can we go and do that all day? Now the only thing I can say
Is that I... Wish you could read my mind, wish you could take some time
To listen to me, I wish you believed, and then you would see that I
I don't know what I ever did to you, To make you feel this way.
Loving you, is all I want to do. But that's so hard to do,
with the things you put me through. I said loving you, is all I want to do
But that's so hard to do, with the things you put me throughhhhhh

and y'know why? |

"cause i don't trust you being alone"

It's overwhelming and I'm feeling so confused Wednesday, January 20, 2010 |

Naturally, you and me we have a bit of jealousy.

I might ask "why she called?" you might ask, "Who is he?"
I'm down wit you baby it gets so hard for me to focus
I'll say a prayer so that nothin happens to you
Waiting on your phone call
Saying "baby won't you come back to me?"
And when you get back I cant wait to hug and kiss ya
Can't wait to demonstrate just how much I miss you

Thursday, January 14, 2010 |

I love to see you walk into the room, body shining, lighting up the place.
And when you talk, everybody stops, cause they know you know just what to say
and the way that you protect your friends..baby, I respect you for that.
And when you grow, you take everyone you love along, I love that shit. Don't fly me away,
Don't need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart. you shelter my soul, you're my
fire when I'm cold, I want you to know, you had me at hello.
I get so excited when you travel with me baby, while I'm on my grind.
And never would I ever let my hustle come between me and my family time.
You keep me humble, I like this hype, cause you know there's more to life. If I need you,
you will be here, you will make the sacrifice. Gotta feel you and be near you,
You're the air that I breath to survive. gotta hold you, wanna show you
that without you my sun just doesn't shine. You don't have to try so hard for me to love you
Boy, without you my life just ain't the same.

no doubt. Tuesday, January 12, 2010 |

baby, don't worry. you know that you got me. Sunday, January 10, 2010 |

"baby, what do you want?" |

an absence of mood swings and some stablility in my life.