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Jasmine de Torres

sphs, 16, january25th, basketball&volleyball are her life, juntos podemos et harumbi, gets by with a little help from her friends, God&Family ftw, purple is zee best, sunflowers too.

looking back. Saturday, January 31, 2009 |

even when he knew they had all decided to leave the island
the old man sat, with his face to the sea, and was not heard
to make a sound. For days now he had been silent auditor
to the sounds people made in preparation for moving away.
He heard many sounds but the one that grieved him most was
the ring of the hammer boarding up the church; and with each
irrevokable stroke, one could see his hands tighten into a claw,
but the agony that lined his face spoke poignantly of something
that pained him more than the mere ripping of nails into rotted pine.
On the final day in the yard behind the church he moved like an
outcast among the half-sunken, tilting stones until his sensitive
fingers read the time-shallowed symbols shrieking out at him
their cruel, eloquent truth: he was certain now that the gulf
between them would always be widest at his rock. And as the
boat took him away from his home he, for the first time, was glad
that he was blind, knowing there'd be no purpose served in looking back..
- Enos D. Watts.


diva. Friday, January 30, 2009 |

Since fifteen in my stilettos been strutin in this game. "Whats yo age" was the question they asked when I hit the stage. I’m a diva, best believe her. You see her, she gettn' paid, She aint callin him to greet her don’t need him , her bed’s made. This is a stick up stick up. I need them bags uh that money, A stick up stick up. You see them ask where that money. All my ladies get it up I see you I do the same, Take it to another level, no passengers on my plane.


dog-sitting. |

i just can't get enough of these dogs.
( L )

STAY GOLD PONYBOY Wednesday, January 28, 2009 |

HAHA, hi. my name is jasmon, ya fill me? (HAHA) "stay gold ponyboy" HAHA, dude step brothers yo..... seriously who has sex in a public washroom... hahaha! well we are DONE exams. yeee- that is the only thing i've been looking forward too... hahaha but i know the consequences later will catch up to me because i actually bombed all 3 test. FAIL. ha, so if you're wondering this is ren. kind of bored. jasmine let me on. yeah haha, i think i havnt wrote a blogs since the bebo century hahahahahha, lb! but now im being noob haahha. OK ill get off now.

im wasting my precious studying time. Monday, January 26, 2009 |

science, i'm not too fond of you..
just finished studying...1/6 chapters.
well, im taking a break. Because i have no idea what
the hell to do now. Just finishing up my oreos, but there's no more milk.
whats the point of eating oreos without milk? mmm :T

no need for an explanation. Tuesday, January 20, 2009 |

haven't blogged in so long.
but i swore to myself that i wouldn't
be addicted to this thing so...it'sall good.
been studying for exams lately :
but i will most def post the latest buzz when there over.
RD; ravins surprise bdaay, mcnair tourney, and the KITE RUNNER (: (: (:


my interpretive dancing. Thursday, January 15, 2009 |

here's the dilio.
brian tamayo, since you're still in the phil,
i had no partner. so i had to think of my own little dance,
at the last minute. thank you dance mates. FOR not TEACHING ME. D:


bon voyage,

waste of my time. |

spent 3 hours on the computer, & 10 minutes were actually spent doing homework.
freaking pissed off because my cellphone screen wont work but it's still capable of incoming and outgoing calls. my mom spazzed at me today for not knowing where my camera charger was, when SHE was the one who misplaced it. and lastly, i am no where near to being ready for my math test in the morning. frick, im harsh going to be an angry dragon tomorrow. HAHA, sick $:


Distractions. Tuesday, January 13, 2009 |

english&socials exam, 10 days in counting.
i haven't even opened up a book. shit.
math test in TWO days. im dead.
facebook and msn, you're killing me.

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face. |

In the kitchen, just blogging while making me some KD and watching a double shot at love. . . how idiotic. well, if you want to be filled in, today started out pretty homo, 'cause freaking dirty was being so stubborn in _____. i was so close to saying "think for yourself. It's your part, not ours, fucks sake". but i got by with a little help from my friends. shooot, practically laughed my head off remembering a story at mass. Ivy was laughing so hard she looked like a Lola crying at a funeral. me and Sheila almost peeeeeeeeeeed ourselves, HAHAH. "someones cold". after that, we just chilled at choir for a while, but i had to take some test in the mrc with kathlene and mik. haha, sorry for annoying you kay $: the test was so easy, it didn't make sense. while you guys went back to the portable, i just stayed with shells and i actually fell asleep. seeing how i only had 2 hours of sleep that night $: skipping all the useless stuff. . . we won our game against Crofton today, hoo-rah! but i had nothing else to be happy about. i freaaking played like shiiiit : practically missed ALL my shots. FML. and the entire team was laughing during half time because we like to clown around, but I was the one who had to get spazzed at, freaking Mr. G, "stop smiling like that, you're making a bad example for the team" WHAT THE HELL. ok there, whatever you say. why can't Mr. Au come back already?! *sigh.
oh, and if you'd like to know, (which im pretty sure you don't really give a shit) my KD turned out as an epic success. :D :D :D :D

0400 hours. |

on the laptop once again laying by my bedside table trying not to get too bored of 'life with derek' , HAH. fuuuuh, i have to start studying for exams D: exactly 4:15 am, yes. i'm still jet lagged. ftl. SO, i only started this blog because,
1. i have issues.
2. just like everyone, i hate some people.
&3. i would love to share my "big, fat, pathetic, crybaby crap" with you, all.
i had an old account, but deleted it... i think Brando was the only person who knew about it, ahaha!
frick, i harsh need to get a life.
enjoy your sleep,

abbenSALACUP. Monday, January 12, 2009 |

thanks so so so so so so SO much for helping me with my page.
HAHA after FIVE hours of struggling, i finally know what to do.
im so slow $: aha. PROPS TO YOU.

i would tag you. but this ain't facebook.

Come As You Are. |

okay, so as not to bore you with a long-ass list of boring details, I'll just give you the gist and move on: Today was, ugh :T
first we had social studies and Mrs. A was all up in my grind saying how she can pull me out of my basketball games just because i didn't do TWO stinkin' questions for homework. i mean, i wasn't even there the last 2 classes , geeze. give me a break. and then p.e. was fucking migraine-ing because of Dirty. seriously, i wanted to punch her in the face. Lyn wanted to, too. Now, just in case you're ready to click off, thinking this blog will amount to nothing more than some big, fat, pathetic, crybaby crap about how my day went - well, think again. 'cause if you'll just bear with me, and read a little further, you'll see that it actually aims much deeper than that.
So last year, i became friends with this girl i thought was pretty nice and cool with me. But then she starts philosiphizing shit about me? what the fuuuh. anyways, it came to the point of my friends' birthday party when she started telling everyone some guy grabbed my ass and i enjoyed it? HAH, yeah, im still not over it. so i found out like, 10 minutes later and started giving her a crazy Rambo look, HAHAH. but all she did was sit in silence trying not to stare me in the eyes. whatevs' , she knows her doings. then today she was just being a total bitch telling everyone what to do in P.E. haha, shit, me and cathlyn were even pretending to shoot ourselves because of her. one day i'll just push her down the stairs. and i'll ask shells to help me(:
So, without further ado, i present to you a random list of facts in no particular order of importance or occurence, that applys to "Dirty"
a.k.a. The List:
1. That's not her real hair colour.
2. she claims to have over 13 boyfriends, some of which cheated on her by having s*x with other girls.
3. she takes waaaay to many pictures of herself thinking she's "hot".
au revoir,

yeah you. Sunday, January 11, 2009 |

can you not let my name roll out of your tongue?

Pen&Needles. |

i think you should go back to her...
and her,
and her,
and her.