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Jasmine de Torres

sphs, 16, january25th, basketball&volleyball are her life, juntos podemos et harumbi, gets by with a little help from her friends, God&Family ftw, purple is zee best, sunflowers too.

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face.

In the kitchen, just blogging while making me some KD and watching a double shot at love. . . how idiotic. well, if you want to be filled in, today started out pretty homo, 'cause freaking dirty was being so stubborn in _____. i was so close to saying "think for yourself. It's your part, not ours, fucks sake". but i got by with a little help from my friends. shooot, practically laughed my head off remembering a story at mass. Ivy was laughing so hard she looked like a Lola crying at a funeral. me and Sheila almost peeeeeeeeeeed ourselves, HAHAH. "someones cold". after that, we just chilled at choir for a while, but i had to take some test in the mrc with kathlene and mik. haha, sorry for annoying you kay $: the test was so easy, it didn't make sense. while you guys went back to the portable, i just stayed with shells and i actually fell asleep. seeing how i only had 2 hours of sleep that night $: skipping all the useless stuff. . . we won our game against Crofton today, hoo-rah! but i had nothing else to be happy about. i freaaking played like shiiiit : practically missed ALL my shots. FML. and the entire team was laughing during half time because we like to clown around, but I was the one who had to get spazzed at, freaking Mr. G, "stop smiling like that, you're making a bad example for the team" WHAT THE HELL. ok there, whatever you say. why can't Mr. Au come back already?! *sigh.
oh, and if you'd like to know, (which im pretty sure you don't really give a shit) my KD turned out as an epic success. :D :D :D :D

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